Hear your Baby's Fetal Doppler
Hear your Baby's Fetal Doppler
Hear your Baby's Fetal Doppler
Hear your Baby's Fetal Doppler
Hear your Baby's Fetal Doppler
Hear your Baby's Fetal Doppler

Hear your Baby's Fetal Doppler

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Hear your Baby's HeartBeat as Early as you are 14th week into your pregnancy!  

There nothing as comforting as hearing the sound of your unborn baby's heartbeat. Not only does it provide nervous parent with priceless reassurance, it is exciting to hear your baby firsthand. It used to be that this experience was only accessible during your doctor appointment but now you will have access to inexpensive, yet very effective technology that allows you to hear your baby's heartbeat all at the comfort of your home. It is portable and lightweight which you can bring when you go for holiday. Great bonding time with your loved one and your baby.


Benefits of Using a Fetal Doppler

More and more pregnant women are beginning to use a fetal doppler at home for various reasons.

Firstly, many mothers-to-be stress over the health of their fetus. Is he or she okay? How can I be sure nothing is wrong? If you’re a first-time mother and aren’t sure what to expect or if you’ve had previous miscarriages, this can become particularly stressful. Chronic stress may affect the health of you or your baby, so keeping your anxiety levels to a minimum is ideal. Using a fetal doppler can help calm your nerves and reassure you that your baby is okay. While it cannot replace doctor’s appointments, it can be used in between to let you know that your baby is still healthy. Many mothers report feeling a lift of anxiety once they hear their baby’s heartbeat.

If you have a high-risk pregnancy, it is possible that a fetal doppler could detect a problem and alert you to go to the doctors, possibly saving your baby.

Another reason some pregnant women love using a fetal doppler is that it allows a unique bonding experience. It not only allows the mother to connect with her baby but also her partner, friends and family. Listening to the heartbeat of a tiny fetus is a fun and meaningful experience that future grandparents and relatives are often amazed by. Since you’re the only one who can experience your pregnancy, your partner may feel left out at times; however, the fetal doppler allows him to feel more connected to his child.


Key Features

  • FHR( Fetal Heart Rate) - Heart Wave - Anger Sound - Ear Temperature - Professional 2MHZ Detector - Warning System 
  • Patented Design With High-Class Polished Finish.
  • Humanized Bended Probe & Finger-Suited Buttons,Easy To Operate.
  • Distinct Alarm With LCD Color Change, Indicating Abnormal Fetal Heartbeats Or Temp
  • Low Power Consumption,Support Both Lithium Or Alkaline Battery.

Product Description

  • Easy To Use, High Performance Baby Heartbeat Monitor For You.
  • It Has 3 Heartbeat Doppler Processing Modes: Real-Time FHR fetal Heart Rate Display Mode
  • Averaged FHR (8 Beats) Display Mode And a Manual Mode.
  • Easy To See Doppler Fetal Heart Rate On The Built In LCD Screen In Real Time.
  • Auto Power Off Saves Battery Life.